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Welcome to yet another Britt Blog. You can find some of my academic work in the Publications section and a bit about me as well as some of my recent thoughts in the Older Posts section below.

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1.1. Use fdm to make your emacs-org-mode email workflow smoother

Date: <2024-01-22 Mon> Author: Britt Anderson

1.1.1. FDM: a tool to make an emacs email workflow smoother

1.2. Just Use Common Lisp

Date: <2023-12-08 Fri> Author: Britt Anderson

1.2.1. Why Aren't We All Just Coding in Common Lisp?

There is history here, and I don't have the expertise to revisit it or adjudicate, but I can say that my beginner's experience with Common Lisp has been very favorable.

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1.3. Tagging Posts with the Ox-Publish :makeindex Function

Date: <2023-07-20 Thu> Author: Britt Anderson

I have been wanting to have a way to tag different blog posts with different topics. This is a personal blog so the topics can ramble from fun one offs, to technical thoughts, to code snippets I want to remember. I did not see an easy way to do this until I stumbled across the :makeindex option for orgmode.

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1.4. The Genesis of Category Theory

Date: <2023-06-25 Sun> Author: Britt Anderson

1.4.1. A creation narrative for category theory

In the beginning was chaos.

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